Why Choose Diamond Elite


  What sets Diamond Elite apart from other hair companies? What sets Diamond Elite apart from other hair brands is "Me" says Diamond Elite hair brand owner Tiowana. "I'm the type of woman that doesn't step out much, but when I do, I have to make a statement!" She continues. "What better way to do that than to step out in your own brand." Says the 35 year old Entrepreneur/ Educator. "I'm a person that knows the importance of quality, so I don't mind spending a bit more for better quality." What I mean by good quality that depends on how you take care your extensions will determine how long they will lasts. I have some bundles I have had only 2 years and counting. I make sure I use the guidelines of taking care of my bundles. Check out my blog "Washing and Caring for your Extensions" as well for guidance to help you maintain healthy extensions. You want to make sure to follow the tips as well that comes with every order. 

  "Everyone's heard the saying "You get what you pay for." says Mrs. Tiowana. "People would always compliment me on my hair and we know that's the best feeling in the world." She says while smiling. "I want women to know and understand they are beautiful from within, however, having your grown "glow up" sometimes doesn't hurt to make a statement." "We have to let people know we still got it just in case they forgot." 

 She continues, "Diamond Elite is exactly that, a diamond in the rough, to make you feel and look elite when you are ready. You will not be disappointed shopping with Diamond Elite."

  I have a personal relationship with my vendors as well. We have been doing business for three years now. Don't get me wrong we have our moments, but that's what make it unique because I'm that woman that is huge on customer service and will call the corporate if needed. So, being that woman, I am very clear about what I expect and how I expect it, so my Diamond customer can count on having the best experience. Building and establishing relationships go a long way in todays world. I do not sell my customers any product I wouldn't wear or use. I am not only the owner, but the face of the brand for Diamond Elite and I take that personal. I take pride in my brand that's why it's Diamond Elite and Thant's why it's purple and gold because we are Royal in everything we do. 

Go click that shop button and we will be waiting for your Diamond Elite experience review.