Washing & Caring for your Extensions

Diamond Elite Extensions

1: Washing the hair

1) Before cleaning the hair, you can put your hair upright, comb the hair with a wide tooth comb.

2) Choose the shampoo suitable for hair, choose cold water or warm water to wash the hair.

3) When washing the hair, apply proper amount of shampoo to your palm. Then rub the hair gently with water, foam and then touch the hair, so that the hair soaked in water for about three minutes

4) When hands touch the hair, do not rub the hair hard, because wet hair is fragile and vulnerable to damage, so be gentle when using pressure to clean the hair.

5) If the hair along the natural drooping posture, you can better clean the hair.

6) After washing hair, rinsed properly, then add conditioner, soak for about three minutes, if necessary, use wet moist model elite element.


2: Drying the hair

1) Wet hair, fragile and vulnerable, so when drying the hair, it is appropriate to use a dry towel and pat the hair to dry, let it dry naturally indoors, should not be rubbed with a towel;

2) High temperature hair dryer will damage the hair, the use of hair temperature should be low, not high if hair still dripping do not use hair dryer.

3) Have been washed hair, try not to dry with high temperature wind, apply dry towel lightly dry the hair on the excess water and then to the ventilation, to avoid direct sunlight on the hair caused by damage;

4) If you want to make the hair become more smooth and beautiful, you can spray the hair after the hair dry.

3: Combing the hair

1) Choose a special comb like wide tooth wood or cuticle comb, and do not use plastic comb which is easy to produce static electricity.

2) Towards the natural hair drooping direction combing hair, first comb hair tail, and  comb the hair root finally, to avoid tangling.;

3) Do not comb the hair immediately after washing, and then comb the hair after its dry.

4) The curly hair does not use the comb basically, can use the hand to sort out.



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