Descriptions of the most common textures

While some may argue that beauty is only skin deep, your hair enhances your appearance. One may become overwhelmed when presented with the options for choosing Virgin hair. In this post we will take a look at several types including "Body wave", "Loose wave", and "Deep wave."



Virgin Body Wave 

Virgin Body Wave bundles tends to have a shiny feel and appearance. It is also soft and smooth and can last long when properly care for. Body wave is characterized by having a consistent deep "S" curl pattern throughout the entire length of the bundle. For the most part, Virgin body wave will match any clothing, and requires no special maintenance or products. 


Virgin Loose Wave

Virgin Loose wave hair is characterized by its luxurious shine and high to medium luster. The excessive shine will reduce to a more natural look after the hair is washed. Virgin loose wave has similar characteristics to virgin body wave, such as the loose wave pattern and body. The curl on the Loose wave tends to be much tighter than the virgin body wave pattern and in the form of a spiral where as the curl of the body wave tends to be flat. The loose wavy pattern can be styled to produces big loose curls that are extremely versatile and bouncy. It can also be easily straightened. 


Virgin Deep Wave

Virgin Deep wave hair is characterized by the spiral waves of curls that are full of body and bounce. This texture of hair reins supreme in the versatility department. Having a natural thickness, the curls easily bounce back when wet or straightened by heat. For a more customized look, color can be applied.


Virgin Straight

Virgin straight hair is chemically unprocessed human hair from a single donor. This hair is free of dyes, perms, bleaches and hard washes. Virgin Straight is one of the most popular hair extensions on the market. It blends well with many different hair types and can be easily curled or worn straight as desired to fit any style. The soft natural texture makes for an extension that is a great match for all nationalities. 


Virgin Kinky Curly

Kinky curl hair bundles are characterized by "torsion twist", also known as a kink. It differs from a curl in that a curl bends and changes as it grows. These kinks in the wave pattern give the appearance of crimped hair. This texture is ideal for blending with natural hair. The beautiful tight curls amp up volume but have to be moisturized often and require high maintenance. 

Virgin hair extensions certainly offer many benefits other hair extension types might not, maybe that's why it is arguably the most sought after hair on the market. Known for being silky, shiny, smooth and free flowing while maintaining a natural look, the advantages in quality far out weigh the disadvantages when it comes to natural Virgin hair.